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GreenGeeks is a leading, US based eco-friendly web hosting company. Green Geeks provides high quality, professional Web Hosting solutions for personal, small business and corporate clients.
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GreenGeeks has committed themselves to the environment by working with One Tree Planted, where for every hosting account they provision on our platform one tree is planted.

GreenGeeks is committed to being the greenest web hosting company in the world and exposing this huge problem. They have been recognized by EPA since 2009 as a Green Power Partner for making environmentalism an integral part of their business model, unlike many other companies that just don't care!

GreenGeeks also uses renewable energy and the most efficient servers to reduce their carbon footprint, so you can have peace of mind knowing your site will be 300% greener when hosted on their platform!

Which plan works best for me?

GreenGeeks Plans

You're in luck! GreenGeeks is just a few clicks away from providing you with everything that your heart desires. With fast SSD-based shared hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS or Reseller plans to choose from – there are options suited for everyone.

What if I need help?

GreenGeeks Support

When you need to host your website, GreenGeeks has the best web hosting experience that will blow away any other company's. They are committed in providing exceptional customer service and support so we can give our clients everything they want from their site without worry or hassle!

Price list of packages?

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WordPress Most Popular

Great for those who are just getting started with a website or blog.
$2.49$10.95 Buy Now

VPS Most functional

Perfect for growing sites that need a bit more.
$39.9539.95 Buy Now

Shared Best Price

Great for those just getting started or those with personal websites.
$2.49$10.95 Buy Now
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